Gastric Sleeve At a Glance

Gastric Sleeve At a Glance

Gastric Sleeve Surgery for Long term health and Weight Loss

The gastric sleeve surgical procedure — often referred to as (VSG) or vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Was long considered the option for people who did not qualify for other more invasive and dangerous bariatric procedures. Eligibility was often determined by the obese patients health level, and other pre-existing conditions.Surgical Sleeve process

At a Glance Overview of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

General non medical Description:
This weight loss surgery will remove a section of the stomach. The section that is removed is the section
that would usually hold food for digestion. The remaining stomach section will resemble a long wide tube or Sleeve.
This surgery is considered permanent and can not be reversed, although poor food and lifestyle choices can enlarge the tube in size, thus reducing the value of the surgery.

How is this Preformed?

After Sedation your bariatric or general surgeon will make several small incisions generally less than half in inch in length and insert the laparoscope and medical device which is used to guide the machine that will remove the excess stomach section.

How does this help me lose the weight after surgery?

The idea is very simple, with a reduced stomach size, you will feel full far faster. Less food is consumed them pre Sleeve surgery resulting in rapid weight loss. General expectations is you should lose 50-85 percent of your excess body fat within the very first year.

bariatric-sleeve-stomach-removalWhat will this surgery cost me and will insurance cover it?

Average gastric sleeve surgery prices according to Surgical Services International  a global medical tourism provider states that gastric sleeve cost will run you between six thousand dollars and as high as twenty thousand dollars depending on where you chose to have your procedure done.

How long does this surgery take?

Between 1-2 hours

How long will I be in the hospital?

1-2 days is standard

Full recovery time?

This time frame can vary widely, but two weeks is normal

Gastric Sleeve Surgery does have risks.

They can include:

Infection at the incision points
Life threating Leakage of the sleeve portion where the stomach was closed up.
All surgeries have the risk of the patient forming Blood clots

A board certified bariatric surgeon should carefully explain all potential risks and possible complications before proceeding to gastric sleeve surgery.

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