Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Mexico

The fact is that most health plans offered by company’s do not cover any form of bariatric surgery. Which considering Obesity and weight related diseases are the current major killer in America is a pretty sad state of affairs. Combine
this unjust state of affairs and the fact that if you are very overweight or obese your likely-hood of having a premium job that allows you to afford a 15,000 dollar surgery are just not going to be the average scenario. So where does this leave you if you are caught up in not only the  health challenges but the economic challenges as well?

The New Option for Surgery May Surprise You

Services must accommodate obese people with sp...

Services must accommodate obese people with specialist equipment such as much wider chairs. Bakewell J (2007). “Bariatric furniture: Considerations for use.”. Int J Ther Rehabil (7) : 329–33 . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flag of Mexico See also: List of Mexican flags

Flag of Mexico See also: List of Mexican flags (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer is becoming more and more obvious to most Americans that have had enough with, diets, weight loss programs and the general stigma of obesity. They are traveling to get gastric sleeve in Mexico. WHY? The answer is purely economic, the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico cost under 6,000 dollars Vs the 15, 000 dollars it will cost them at home.

Sleeve Surgery, Mexico and Safety concerns.

Is this safe? Yes the facts are almost 500 medical tourists travel to Mexico every month at least for sleeve or other types of weight loss surgery. A few things you need to look for in a facility to have your procedure done in are, a experienced bariatric surgeon, a state of the art facility that ideally includes a full emergency center. Last but not least, most travel to Mexico patients use a medical coordinator to insure the entire process is overseen by somebody who fully knows the lay of the land and will help insure the procedure goes off without a problem. This new type of medical tourism coordinator is a huge asset for the patients peace of mind.


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